My quest for the perfect beef ribs

Few BBQ restaurants serve beef ribs, probably as a result of low yield from the purchased weight.

The best beef ribs I have ever eaten are found in Kansas City’s #Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ. Each time I am in the area, a stop at Jack Stack is a must. I’ve frequently even bought additional meals and taken the extra portions back home to enjoy the following days.


This image was taken from their website!


In Texas, as I drive around the area, I have come across a few places that do beef ribs, and even fewer that do it well.

 A favorite spot with top-notch beef ribs is the #Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth. All the fat is cooked off the meat, and the sauce is a wonderful peach-based glaze.

 On a trip to southern Texas last week I decided to stop at a couple of popular BBQ restaurants to try their (supposedly) top-rated beef ribs.

I stopped in Lockhart, home to the best BBQ according to many food critics. #Black’s BBQ might be rated in the top spots, but in my book it does not rise to the occasion. The meat was extremely fatty – both the brisket and the ribs, and a little less than half of my order found its way to the garbage on my way out.


Two ribs and a slice of brisket at Black’s

On my way back the next day, I revisited #Cooper’s in Llano. I did not remember them serving prime rib during the week, and had to have some – in addition to the beef ribs. Both were great. A tad too much salt for my taste, but a wonderful smoked taste and extremely tender meat. It would be well worth the ride down for a weekend day lunch – if I want to stand in line!


The pit at Cooper’s

Closer to home we have Kenny’s. Their ribs were good, but definitely not in Cooper’s or Jack Stack’s league. Far from it! Because of proximity I will likely be a frequent visitor, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the ribs, but more with the distance from door to door! Had Tony Roma’s not shut all of it’s area locations, they would still have my vote!


The ribs at Kenny’s

Alliance Airport and Sushi

In case you are heading to the Alliance Airport this weekend, go and try Queens Chinese and Sushi in Haslet just a few miles from the Alliance runway.
The new owner has been a sushi chef since high school and is incredibly artisitc and prepares some incredibly fresh and well portioned sushi and sashimi.

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

Perfectly spiced tuna in a hand roll.

Duke and his Father

Duke and his Father

Smoked Eel and Salmon Sashimi

Yao Fuzi

Every once in a while you finish a meal and wonder why you haven’t been to that restaurant before. And not many weeks after that you realize that everyone knows your name, your food preferences, and your quirks. This means you have been coming back to the restaurant too often!

Well, Yao Fuzi is that type of place! The food is phenomenal, the service is superb, and the ambiance is perfect.
Chris Yao and his team have created the perfect Chinese restaurant, and no matter where in the world you place this labor of love, it would be a tremendous success. The restaurant is full most nights, and on weekends a reservation is highly recommended.

If you happen to be in the Dallas area, drive up to Plano to experience the best Chinese food you will ever eat.
Come hungry and leave room for some of their fine desserts. All western favorites such as Crème Brule, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, and Bread Pudding to name a few. For the wine connoisseur there is an extensive wine list that will put many French restaurants to shame.

Yao Fuzi s a “winner” all around.

Food Truck Craze

An Ice Cream Sandwich being served with a smile!

A couple of friends encouraged me to go to the Dallas Heritage Village where they were hosting their Thursday night Food Truck night.
The last time I ate at a food truck was in Tijuana, Mexico over 15 years ago. Back then, or even much longer ago when growing up, a food truck was a quick and cheap meal in the middle of the night.

How things have changed!

There were at least 10 trucks there, all serving different kind of gourmet dishes. Thankfully Terry and Janice were there to share with me allowing me to try food from 4 vendors. Each one of the meals would have been too much for one person.

That would have been a shame, because you need to be able to try more than one dish. So memo to self… never go alone!

I tried sushi from Crazy Fish, a Spicy Tofu dish from Good Karma, a Bacon Cheeseburger with a Fried Egg and Blue Cheese from FreeWheelnCafe, a Smoked Brisket loaded Potato from Potato-Potahto, and finished with some shaved ice from Enticed. WOW. All tops, but I will not review the trucks. For that go to Terry’s fabulous website
By 7 o’clock it was full house. Many people came with their dogs; that gave it a nice atmosphere.

Starting next week, the trucks will be there on both Thursdays and Fridays. Pardon me… Trucks will be there. We’ll never know which trucks or how many until the day of I guess!
Well worth the short commute to 1515 S. Harwood in Dallas.

I posted all my photos here.
Photos were shot with the newly serviced Nikon D4.

Einstein Bagels Scammers

Eistein has really pissed me off.

They seem to not care about customer satisfaction; don’t care to reply to a letter sent to custoemr support.

When you order a bagel and request extra creamcheese and have to pay over $6 for this you would expect creamcheese on there, wouldn’t you?

Well, photo one is from their location on Belline Road in Addison, Texas where you pay $6 for a bagel and coffee.

Photo two is for the same bagel at $4 or so at another location. They actally have an option that adds “extra shmear” to the order without additional carge.

Why in the world do they not have standards?
Why does one store manager not give a damn when you show them the difference?
Bet you anything she get bonuses based on usage of product versus sales!

Never again. Thankfully there are many other places that sell a bagel.