Droid X

Motorola and Google have hit a home run with the new X.

I have now been using the phone since Thursday and must say I have been impressed.

At minimum I must say that as far as functionality goes, it beats the Blackberry hands-down and perhaps surpasses the iPhone as well.

1. Coverage: The Verizon system proved to be much more reliable and covered me in areas where the iPhone showed “no service”. Both on the highway in Dallas as the byways between Madrid and Albuquerque.

2. Apps. The only app that does not work as well on the X is the Accuweather app; all the others are identical.

3. Screen. Larger screen equals easier typing

4. Clarity. Phone calls sound crisper from both sides

5. Camera: Better images with included flash.

Testing the phone on my flight back I came to realize that there was phone coverage for large portions of the flight between ABQ and DFW; not once did the iPhone show a single bar. “No Service” was the theme for the day! I wonder now…. Did all these people who called their spouses from a flight on 9/11 have a Verizon phone? There must be significant antennae differences between these systems.

For now, the iPhone stays wit me as it will be the one to be used overseas. That is the only huge drawback of the X; it isn’t GSM capable – yet!

One thing all phones have in common…. The new screen technology on these phones and the iPad is the future of computing.  No more huge laptops to lug around.  Give me some disk space and voila!

Droid X

My first 24 hours with the new Verizon Droid X have been pretty decent with only a couple of frustrating Google hiccups. I do like the format, screen, build, and most importantly the reception ATT could not provide along roads frequently traveled.  More tomorrow.

Some downloads seem to be much faster on the Verizon network as compared to the ATT service on the iPhone.  I will be using both side by side for a while.  The Blackberry is now gone!