Technological disappointments or opportunities

I have been an ATT wireless user since the days of the bag-phone and have gotten to the frustration level where one of my two mobile numbers is being ported to Verizon.

When access is non-existent or so poor that you cannot make calls or worse yet cannot see voice mails until a full 48 hours later it is time to move on.

I now have on order an HTC Droid Incredible to take the place of the Blackberry that has been a (mostly) trusted companion for many of the past years. I will hang on to the iPhone just because it is a cool gadget. It will become my international access phone since the Droid does not work overseas.

Additionally, some software glitch has been wreaking havoc with my airport connection on the Macbook Pro and we have not been able to figure it out.  Turn on Apple Mail and the airport turns off and cannot be turned on until you reboot the machine.  So, I downloaded a new mail program and voila, the system works well.  I have been using SeaMonkey for a couple of days now and am impressed with the integrated package that includes a newsreader, a robust mail program, and a quick browser.  Maybe Mr. Jobs isn’t as invincible as I thought!