RIP Blackberry

Blackberry might have ended its agreement with T-Mobile, but AT&T removed all of Blackberry models from its stores weeks if not months ago.  Is this the real end of Blackberry and its iconic phones with actual QWERTY keyboards?  Too bad, because after using the Android and iPhone for years, I am missing the actual keyboard for easy typing.  RIP #Blackberry

Apple vs the rest of the mobile phone world

I had decided that it was time to switch from the Apple iPhone to a Samsung Note 2 when it comes to market in just a couple of weeks. I had the pleasure of playing with one and have read up on the advantages over the iPhone.

I was swayed. I am still swayed. But,

Can I support a company who has been judged to blatantly steal from others? This lawsuit against Samsung is really a shot across the bow of Google’s Android used by several other manufacturers including Google’s Motorola and HTC.

Although I will lose out by not switching to more-advanced phone with some features I really would like to have, I really cannot support Samsung following this verdict.

I guess I will hold on to this ultra-slow, fake 4G iPhone for a bit longer!