Post Election opinion

So, now that the electorate has spoken, can we get back to the business of living a normal life?

To our congressional leaders: There ought to be quick consensus on several bills that have always had support from both sides of the isle.

  • One would be the reform of our immigration system, laws, and policies.  Ted Kennedy, John McCain, George W. Bush, and Obama agreed on comprehensive reform.  Let’s get it done and put a huge issue behind us. All of us are descendants of immigrants or first generation American.  Accept some more and make them tax-paying productive citizens.
  • Obamacare is here to stay. Accept it.  It was a Republican concept of personal responsibility championed by Newt Gingrich as an alternative to Hillary Clinton’s pushing for socialized medicine. It was Governor Romney’s plan for Massachusetts.  If you can afford insurance, get it.  If not, there will be some help for you.  Let’s get past this. No need for my taxes to subsidize your medical bills.
  • Financial Reform is done, get on with it.  Perhaps the legislation needs overhaul; let’s look at it and consider some tweaks.  Let’s not let Wall Street sharks influence your decision.  It needs common sense review and consideration of all unintended consequences.  This will take time and some smart people to review all options.  Let’s listen and act in unison.
  • Let’s prevent the fiscal cliff.  You are insulting every single inventor, entrepreneur, dreamer, and worker when you tell him or her the only reason they invent, develop, and produce is a low tax rate. No one looks at the marginal tax rate when all they see is a new world order because of what he or she created.  We did pretty darn well under George W.H. Bush and Clinton. Marginal tax rates were higher and deficits came down fast. Accept a higher marginal rate to pay down the debt and move to invest in our decaying infrastructure. There needs to be some sacrifice, not just by families whose children went off to war, but by all of us who have the luxury of living here.

If Republicans want to ever win the presidency going forward, get any and all abortion issues out of the realm of politics.  It has no place there. It is disgusting. I do not want to tell a woman what she needs to do or not with her body. It is between her, her doctor, and her God.  You angered women and drove many to vote Democratic against their Republican roots or beliefs.

As the Republican leadership is slowly replaced by a younger generation, accept the fact that the younger ones might have people of color, gay people, non-Christians as their significant others, friends, and even supporters.  You too should welcome them with open arms.  Reagan would have. Bush did. Even Nixon accepted a Jew in his inner circle while he was an anti-Semite.

Stop the insecure hatred and vitriol. Live a much happier and relaxed life.  Refocus all this negative energy on building a successful business, a more energetic workforce, and a successful nation.

I am happy this is over for the next year.  I am saddened it cost $7 billion. I am ecstatic that al that money did not buy people’s vote as was widely expected.

The Sheldon Adelsons, Marriotts, Foster Friesses, Bob Perrys of the world might want to rethink how they dispose of their riches. There are so many noteworthy humanitarian causes that might actually help the economy. We proved clearly that money could not buy love. Sorry it didn’t work out.  $7 billion is an obscene amount of money. Let’s instead use it to rebuild roads, bridges, and ports.  It will give you many more billions in return.

President Obama might not be my choice, he might not be your choice, but for the next four years he is OUR president.  Let’s be a united United States going forward.

Now, I am going back to producing wonderful memories through travel and photography.


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