Yao Fuzi

Every once in a while you finish a meal and wonder why you haven’t been to that restaurant before. And not many weeks after that you realize that everyone knows your name, your food preferences, and your quirks. This means you have been coming back to the restaurant too often!

Well, Yao Fuzi is that type of place! The food is phenomenal, the service is superb, and the ambiance is perfect.
Chris Yao and his team have created the perfect Chinese restaurant, and no matter where in the world you place this labor of love, it would be a tremendous success. The restaurant is full most nights, and on weekends a reservation is highly recommended.

If you happen to be in the Dallas area, drive up to Plano to experience the best Chinese food you will ever eat.
Come hungry and leave room for some of their fine desserts. All western favorites such as Crème Brule, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, and Bread Pudding to name a few. For the wine connoisseur there is an extensive wine list that will put many French restaurants to shame.

Yao Fuzi s a “winner” all around.


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