Apple vs the rest of the mobile phone world

I had decided that it was time to switch from the Apple iPhone to a Samsung Note 2 when it comes to market in just a couple of weeks. I had the pleasure of playing with one and have read up on the advantages over the iPhone.

I was swayed. I am still swayed. But,

Can I support a company who has been judged to blatantly steal from others? This lawsuit against Samsung is really a shot across the bow of Google’s Android used by several other manufacturers including Google’s Motorola and HTC.

Although I will lose out by not switching to more-advanced phone with some features I really would like to have, I really cannot support Samsung following this verdict.

I guess I will hold on to this ultra-slow, fake 4G iPhone for a bit longer!

2 comments on “Apple vs the rest of the mobile phone world

  1. Woody Hoyt says:

    You waiting for the I-5 as I am? It’ll be my first Iphone, but now that I’m getting used to my Ipad . . .

  2. msk2193 says:

    Not so sure if I will. It seems to be a tiny bit bigger and only an incremental upgrade in what it will allow me to do. Might wait a bit to see what will happen with Android and newer models in next 2 quarters.

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