Food Truck Craze

An Ice Cream Sandwich being served with a smile!

A couple of friends encouraged me to go to the Dallas Heritage Village where they were hosting their Thursday night Food Truck night.
The last time I ate at a food truck was in Tijuana, Mexico over 15 years ago. Back then, or even much longer ago when growing up, a food truck was a quick and cheap meal in the middle of the night.

How things have changed!

There were at least 10 trucks there, all serving different kind of gourmet dishes. Thankfully Terry and Janice were there to share with me allowing me to try food from 4 vendors. Each one of the meals would have been too much for one person.

That would have been a shame, because you need to be able to try more than one dish. So memo to self… never go alone!

I tried sushi from Crazy Fish, a Spicy Tofu dish from Good Karma, a Bacon Cheeseburger with a Fried Egg and Blue Cheese from FreeWheelnCafe, a Smoked Brisket loaded Potato from Potato-Potahto, and finished with some shaved ice from Enticed. WOW. All tops, but I will not review the trucks. For that go to Terry’s fabulous website
By 7 o’clock it was full house. Many people came with their dogs; that gave it a nice atmosphere.

Starting next week, the trucks will be there on both Thursdays and Fridays. Pardon me… Trucks will be there. We’ll never know which trucks or how many until the day of I guess!
Well worth the short commute to 1515 S. Harwood in Dallas.

I posted all my photos here.
Photos were shot with the newly serviced Nikon D4.


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