Nikon D4

Took the D4 for its first test drive — at the zoo!

I am impressed with everything I have seen so far, especially resolution, much wider dynamic range than I am used to, and very high ISO noise capabilities.

There is one major issue, and that is ….. COLOR. I am not sure if this is camera firmware or Post software related.
I am sure there will be soft or firmware changes that will fix this, but the manner in which ACR and NX2 read the “auto” color is way too cool – as in blue!

All lenses I have tested so far appear to be dead-on and do not require any change in Fine Focus Adjustment. The D3 needed quite a bit! A few more lenses to go tomorrow.

Here are the images…

Time to walk away from the computer now. Tomorrow the camera will get some indoor racing photo opps!.


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