MT057C4 Manfrotto Tripod Test

I was loaned a MT057C4 by our area Manfrotto / Gitzo rep and took it out on two seperate occasions. Once with a 800mm telephoto and the last time with a 600mm VR lens (both Nikon systems).

It is a massive 6′ tall tripod with center column thta extends beyone this height.
Even fully extended there is zero torsion with the D3 & 800mm super tele lens on a Wimberley head. I could not claim this on any other Manfrotto or Gitzo tripod I own or tested.

This is an extremely lightweight tripod (7.7lbs) for tis massive size that would replace all others I use for telephotos on the 35mm platform and all my 4×5 to 8×10 large format equipment.

Of course tere is no need for such a beast for use on wide angle landscape shots with the dSLR, but for all other occasions I must highly recommend this carbon-fibre tripod.