NIKON NIKKOR MF 800mm f/5.6s ED-IF

An oldie, but a great lens.

I recently bought a MF 800mm f/5.6s ED-IF lens for my Nikons. (D3, D300s, and still on order but not yet in hand D4 and D800e) and was able to give it a tremendous workout last week.

I stand corrected; it gave me a great workout last week! Carrying this as carry-on through several airport terminals and on long hikes is a workout indeed!

This is certainly an old lens without any of today’s incredible automated features. But experience in the field had taught me one thing. I never used VR and hardly ever depended on autofocus at extreme distances due to air turbulence.

Results: I highly recommend you go out and find one of these monsters for your collection of GREAT camera gear.
At relatively low cost you can create some magic out there.

The lens is extremely sharp, even wide open. With high ISO capabilities of today’s digital cameras, I recommend you ratchet up the ISO and stop down to f/8 or even f/11 if light conditions allow if only to give you that much more depth of field and some leeway in your hyper focal depth.

One advantage of having a totally manual lens is the weight advantage over its modern younger sibling.
Here are some images. All shot in aperture mode at 1/1,000 – all you need to do is program the lens minimum f/stop in your menu and assign it a number. ISO-800 or ISO-1200.

Will I give up my quest for the 600mm VR lens at a good deal? NO, not yet! But at less than 1/3 the price this is a tremendous tool in the kit.

Here is a link to some detailed information about the 800mm lenses.

As soon as the D800e and D4 are in my fat hands, I will give this lens a spin on those bodies as well.

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