Einstein Bagels Scammers

Eistein has really pissed me off.

They seem to not care about customer satisfaction; don’t care to reply to a letter sent to custoemr support.

When you order a bagel and request extra creamcheese and have to pay over $6 for this you would expect creamcheese on there, wouldn’t you?

Well, photo one is from their location on Belline Road in Addison, Texas where you pay $6 for a bagel and coffee.

Photo two is for the same bagel at $4 or so at another location. They actally have an option that adds “extra shmear” to the order without additional carge.

Why in the world do they not have standards?
Why does one store manager not give a damn when you show them the difference?
Bet you anything she get bonuses based on usage of product versus sales!

Never again. Thankfully there are many other places that sell a bagel.