Pimping the M9

For months I had a great little gadget on my desk awaiting its mate, the Leica M9.  As soon as the camera got in, the Thumbs Up got mated to the camera and served as promised by the great Leica guru, David Farkas at Dale’s Camera in Hollywood, Florida.

Then came the guys at Really Right Stuff who responded to Leica users’ request to come up with a L-Bracket setup that would allow the camera to be placed in either landscape or portrait orientation.  Since I had already bought these brackets for the Nikon bodies, I pre-ordered mine.

It has been a few weeks now that the RSS bracket and the M9 hooked up.  Unfortunately for the Thumbs Up, it got the boot!  There have been a few complaints from other users about the new setup, but it appears to be a tolerance issue at Leica, not RSS.  My set-up happened to fit beautifully and I have been extremely happy with it.

Anyone with a M8, 8.2 or M9 out there who has wondered about buying one of these…. Don’t!  Go ahead and order yours.  It is a well-designed, and great functioning component.  My setup has all three parts to it.


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