Santa Fe, NM

One of the great destinations in the USA is Santa Fe, NM. With its rich history dating back 400 years and a cultural diversity that brings with it a wide variety of great restaurants, wonderful galleries, and neat shopping.

Photographers who want to venture a few miles out of town can spend days wandering the old road to Taos, the road to Chama, or head down to Tent Rock National Monument. Santa Fe itself affords the visitor an incredible amount of architectural photo opportunities. Get out early and photograph the south side of Canyon Road., With the sun coming straight down the road, there are some wonderful shadows that bathe the adobe walls.

For lunch and dining, I recommend – in order of greatness:

Ristra – Try the Elk Steak

Aqua Santa – the lamb is to die for

Vinaigrette – only salads, but once topped with steak, scallops, or chicken they make for a tremendous meal. The desserts are to die for!

Jinja – Superb Asian Fusion

Bumble Bee – great, inexpensive Mexican food. Impressively clean, superb taste and above all linen napkins.

The Guadalupe Sanctuary shot at sunset while an elderly lady prayed after lighting a candle in memory of a loved one.


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