Leica M9 Evaluation

I now have had the pleasure of using the Leica M9 on a daily basis for over two months and can only say “wow”. What a pleasure to use this tiny, yet most powerful rangefinder with the magical Leica lenses.

My favorite lens by far has been the 35mm Summicron that I use about 70% of the time. The rest of the time I have used a 90mm Elmarit dating back to 1965, a 200mm tele lens dating back to the 1970s, and the incredible 24mm Summilux that is just outstanding at all aperatures.

The magic of Leica, one I had not experienced since the mid 70’s is all in its glass. The new M9 with a powerful Kodak sensor that is not obstructed by a low-pass filter (as used by Nikon or Canon) produces the most incredibly sharp images. Something I had been missing since the film days!

Here are some images shot with the M9:

Leica with the 90mm Elmarit at f/2.8 Tack sharp eyes, and the rest out of focus!

The 35mm Summicron at f/8


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