Third-world economy

Why we are turning into a third-world economy faster than most can imagine.

The simple one-word answer is: manufacturing.

Better, yet it is the lack thereof.

A country does not spend itself out of misery, it just adds to it.  The only way to climb out of the economic doldrums we have found ourselves in is by manufacturing goods and exporting those products.

Laws need to be enacted to assure fair trade instead of free trade, as it is not free for manufacturers trying to export.  Importing nations place high taxes on our products and we need to do the same.

Education is becoming so dire that in the not-too-far distance it will be out of reach to the masses.  With an uneducated populace, we will be no better than most third world nations and political corruption will become rampant and unchecked.

With an undereducated population we will not be able to lead in R&D and forgo this critical step towards competitive manufacturing to China, Japan, and Europe.

Can you say no bueno?


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