Time for change

Republicans will once again be in charge of the political direction of the Nation.

Following a disastrous campaign and even more humiliating loss of the US Senate, it is time for the President to take stock of his team and reassess ideologies set forth by that team.

The buck indeed stops with Obama, and this must be the worst moment of his career. Proof will be in the pudding, and it will be all too easy to assign blame on everything but where it needs to be. That is after all the American way!

A far too left leaning agenda had come to a screeching halt and with it will hijack some great ideas that no less than 80% of the voting public can agree on.

Because those political morons tend to believe that compromise is a sign of weakness, we will never see those 80% of items we can agree on separated from the rest to get passed into law.

A weakened president has a completely incompetent legislative leadership team on his side and that duo ought to be replaced forthwith. New leadership that can work across the isle and allow for compromise to the middle ought to be elected.

Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich were masters at this game, and as a result we improved our economy and living standards by leaps and bounds. Let’s repeat this success.


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