The Leica S2

Better advertisement could not be bought or imagined; this was the best donation of a camera ever made. I am copying a forum post by British musician Seal:

You know, I was never really that excited about the S2 and had no intentions on buying one. I suppose I didn’t understand why Leica would make such a camera considering their heritage and whilst I have some medium format cameras, I don’t shoot them a whole lot because of their size. I also wasn’t that interested in having more pixels or huge files to push around my hard drive, I used an M8 that had almost enough pixels for everything I would frame and when the M9 came…now THAT was the camera I’d been waiting for. It had more than enough pixels and the dynamic range was among the best I’d seen coming from any 35mm format camera.

However, I can tell you that I don’t think I’ve ever handled a camera quite like the S2, it is simply a work of art! I always rate cameras according to how often I will use them. One of my silly criteria that I often use is, ‘If I was going to India, what would I take in my camera bag?’. Well if this was the case it would be an M9 (only because the last time HK and I went, I made mine a film affair and whilst I had a great time, lugging and hand-checking sixty rolls of Provia & Neopan through every single airport gold old…! HK took a 5D coupled with a 24-105 f/4L IS and may as well have glued the two together, I learned a lot from that experience. Needless to say she didn’t miss a frame whilst I on the other hand…..), an X1/EP-2/GF-1 and finally an S2.

The reason the S2 would make it into the proverbial bag is not because of the resolution or the dynamic range, the M would give me plenty of that, it would be because whilst I initially had no personal interest in the camera, I didn’t anticipate just how damn gorgeous the experience of looking through that VF would be! It is nothing short of a religious experience and handling the camera in general gives me such a feeling of precision and confidence with all of the tradition of Leica, that I find the whole thing to be irresistible.

In addition to that, I have captured images as much as 2-3 stops under-exposed and remarkably I’ve been able to pull them back in post as easy as just moving the exposure slider to the right with no side effects, it is unbelievable the amount of latitude the files have in them.

All in all Charlie if I hadn’t been fortunate enough to be handed one from the guys in Sölms I would’ve ended up reaching into my pockets knowing what I now know about the camera…it is as I said before simply a work of art. I hope this personal albeit .. romantic POV helps answer your question.

Seal’s images can be seen here:

I feel a major savings plan being put in place. World hunger might become a household term!


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