Leica M9

The Leica M9 continues to elude me!

After some 35 ears of not having touched a rangefinder camera, I became fascinated with the possibility of shooting with a full-frame digital sensor camera using the magnificent lenses crafted by Leica.

So, after much consideration I placed the order for the newest Leica digital camera in November of 2009, two months after the first cameras began to ship.

As of this morning, there is no news about the camera’s arrival, but the lenses are here. I will be shooting a Voigtlander 15mm, and Leica’s best 24, 35, and 90mm lenses.

A bit scary each day is the postings in the Leica user forums about all the problems people are having with their brand new cameras. News about hundreds of people receiving broken Kodak sensors to many more people complaining about extremely poor battery performance to yet others having issues with components falling off the camera.

This is German engineering after all! Yet another country beaten down by the Asian giants. Nikon (pronounced Neekon) will announce the successor to the magnificent D3 on February 3rd. Yes, I will get my order in quickly thereafter!

But, I keep waiting and hoping that in the meantime some of these issues have been addressed and when I finally get the call from Arlington Camera “my” M9 will have had some factory-level modifications made prior to shipping.


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