A year squandered

A year to the date since Obama was inaugurated as President of the USA, we are on the brink of the largest humilation and loss of political power ever.

Obama has squandered a complete year of near absolute power where all branches of elected government were in one party’s hands.

Tomorrow, Massachusetts elects the replacement for Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate. Who could have ever imagined this possibly going to a Republican candidate?

The only person responsible for this posible disaster is none other than our President. His handlers have totally mishandled the marketing and sales job required to pass major legislation. Instead of using the bully pulpit, billions of dollars spent by large special interest won out over the common man. Shame on the President for prolonging the status quo.

His inability to sell his programs to the electorate will result in a huge loss for the Democrats in 2010. Long live the Republican Party!


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