It baffles me that a well-spoken President has failed to communicate to us, his “folk” about the recession, unemployment, and continued anger about healthcare.

During the past decade the population of this country has grown by some 30,000,000 (30 million) people, yet only fewer than 400,000 new jobs had been created during this same period.

The economy had been growing without creating a single job for many years and no one is willing to point this out. Large multinationals have been exporting jobs from the USA to low-cost nations forever, and there is no way to turn this around without some serious changes in our import laws. No more free trade; it needs to be fair trade. Our import duties will match your import duties.

Just like a company being built over decades, it will take years to get this economy back on both feet. Patience is indeed a virtue. Unfortunately, without a solid manufacturing base we will never recover sufficiently to pay down our debts.

Mr. President better begin communicating like a president!


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