Today was my first flight for the year.

Nothing unusual today, except for a rather long line at security in the international terminal at DFW. Usually this is the most efficient building to fly out of. I had plenty of time, so I wasn’t bothered by the wait.

What I did have time to observe was the officer sitting at the X-Ray machine.

What was a lady of advanced age with a serious vision issue doing behind the X-Ray machine?

Each bag that passed in front of her screen was observed a few times from one inch glasses’ distance from the screen to ten inches from the screen. At each position she looked both through the bifocal part of her glasses as well as through the near vision part.

The fact that the other line was moving three times as fast should have been a hint to the supervisor on duty.

Once I had finally gone through security clearance, I approached the supervisor and pointed the situation out to him. He had been completely oblivious to this debacle prior to me pointing this out to him.

Should the TSA not do a vision screening on their hires? Should management (supervisor is a manager after all) not be selected from a pool of qualified, (at least) semi-intelligent people?

Only in the USA.


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