Jay Leno

Now it is not just the American public, but also the network executives who insist they can turn the world around in a week.

No we cannot win wars in days or weeks, the economy cannot be turned around in 6 months without intervention, and no, TV habits cannot be changed in this short time either.

Mr. Leno has not performed worse than expected. What he has done is created a reason for Americans to go to bed a bit earlier.

We used to have to watch and see whether a neighbor’s cat got stuck in a tree before a good laugh set the tone for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Now that Mr. Leno is on earlier, we do not have to sit through 30 minutes of what is reported to be “news”, but in reality is nothing better than the crap National Enquirer reports on.

Mr. Leno has done well, very well actually. If only the news programs can be redesigned to actually report on things that matter, some people might stay tuned.

Conan O’Brian is an ass; and there still is no reason to stay tuned to NBC for that program. Letterman does a better job, as does Ferguson after him. After the Olympics, networks will just find a new reason to complain about poor morning news ratings when they discover people will just switch to CBS anyway.


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