Mideast Peace

This is an oxymoron. There has not been peace, and nor can we force two brothers who hate each other’s guts to live together in peace and harmony.

Nor can we expect Arab sects who dislike each other to come together to sing Kum ba yah.

The British screwed the world at the end of WWII by creating nations out of territories to the way they saw fit at that moment. They never considered the consequences, and have looked to the USA to solve the problems they created.

Allow the people of those nations to form their own countries; some will have oil, others won’t. Let them all kill each other if they so desire.

If the wars come beyond the boundaries of the area, we will intervene through the use of tactical weapons fired from great distance. The resulting barren area can then be populated anew by a less-eager-to-expand populace.

No more innocent American lives lost.


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