Social or antisocial?

While we are a most generous nation, donating through church, United Way, and hundreds of other organizations, why is it that we cannot come to an agreement on providing national assistance to the low income earners in the form of “social” medicine?

A minimum wage earner – and yes we are dependent on him or her cleaning our house, raking our yard, keeping our surgical rooms, aircraft and public lavatories clean, our fast food cooked and our roads swept – ought to be able to provide decent healthcare to his or her child, shouldn’t he?

Giving back a little to provide a semi-standard healthcare to the lowest 50% of our population should not cause that much anger.

Had this been a fellow member of your church, your synagogue, or your Rotary Club, the checks would have come out without question. Let’s just try to expand this generosity just a tad.


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