First post of 2010

Let’s see how many weeks I can follow through on writing a daily blog. This is the first workday of the year, and before we know it first payday of the year will be here.

Today, my gripe is with our foreign policy – again.

Yemen has been a disaster since it creation; we are now waking up to this fact. Yet, how many of the terrorists came through Yemen before they hijacked United and American aircraft? Why did no light go on in the (un)intelligence community?

Yemen has been much more of a threat to Saudi Arabia for much longer than it has been so to us. Why is it that WE must now fight this threat? If those idiot Saudis don’t care we shouldn’t either. Let the Royals there be beheaded; they are the ones funding all this terrorism around the world anyway.

Save the dollars, save the lives of our young ones and let the Saudis die for their own safety.

When will we wake up and deal with the reality of things?


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