Coca Cola vs ME

I understand my 7-year old daily-driver might need a bit of a rest and be replaced with something a bit younger.
But why? It drives well, is most comfortable, and still turns heads. It is one of only 200 made in 2001.

Do I feel obligated to help the economy? No

Do I feel obligated to buy any car, or only look at Ford for its recent history of financial constraint and management? Actually I am attracted to Ford for its top-notch handling of the recent economic crash. But, I am very uncomfortable in a Ford. Their seats are not designed for my frame, whereas GM, Jaguar, Bentley, Audi, and of course Rolls-Royce make their product with extremely comfortable seating.

Do I do it for the environment? Maybe, but no. Do I feel a moral obligation to help mother earth, absolutely. But why should I do my tiny part if a company like Coca Cola depends on spewing crap into the air by the millions of cubic ton to produce their sugary syrup? I have decided that as long as this scenery is at the heart of Coca Cola’s profit there is certainly no need for me to do my little part to think about a car’s CO output.

Over the top gas guzzler, here I come…. again!


The burning of sugar cane that will yield tons of sugar syrup for your next Coca Cola.


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